Can Models Work With Multiple Modeling Agencies At The Same Time

As you may already know the more exposure you get the better. Therefore, the more agencies you work the more exposure you will get. More exposure translates to more contracts and more money. Another reason why you should work with many agencies across your country or abroad it’s to explore a different kind of market from what you’re used to. Your current modeling agent can lack knowledge or resources to get you the contracts you need.

On the other hand the more agents you have the more likely you are to sign a contract. Keep in mind that big names in the modeling industry usually have their own mainstream models to represent. They will always focus on girls who bring more money to the table. It can take a really long time for an agent or a modeling agency to represent you in the way you want. To answer the main question yes you can work for many modeling agencies at the same time. As long as there is nothing written in your contract that prohibits you to sign up with other agencies you’re good to go. If that it’s your case we suggest you leave that agency and start searching for a more flexible one. As mentioned above the more agencies you work for the more exposure you’re going to get.

Can Models Have Multiple Agents At The Same Time?

The same thing goes for having multiple agents at the same time. Whether you can or cannot highly depend on your current agency standards or policies. Many mainstream models have more than one modeling agency representing them. Besides having multiple agents we suggest you hire a personal manager. This person is responsible for advising you whether or not you should accept any contract offered to you. They are the persons who manage our career as a model. It’s preferable that you get more than one modeling agency representing you. This means you have to work more than usual but it also pays off really well. You will get the exposure you need and eventually more money. If you want to reach the top then you should have agents or work for modeling agencies in major markets such as New York, Milan, London, and Paris.

Is It Mandatory To Have More Than One Agent?

Definitely not true. If you are more than pleased with your current agent then you should stick to it. If he is able to single-handedly get you the contracts you need then there is no need for you to search more agents or sign up with more modeling agencies. If your agent it’s someone who understands you for what you are and is doing everything he can for the future of your career than he is the right person. It’s all up to your personal judgment and goals you’ve set. If you see that things are going on a good direction then you should stick to that one agent.

Can My Agency Permit Me From Signing With Other Agencies?

This is highly dependent on the way you’ve built your contact with them. If your modeling agency allows you to sign up with more than one agency no matter where they located then it isn’t a problem. You’re free to sign as many contracts as you want. If you’re unsure whether or not your agency allows that you can ask your agent or manager to clarify things for you before taking the step. Things change when your contract says that you can only work with one modeling agency. You cannot sign up for more unless you want to drop your current contract. It’s worth mentioning that you should be totally aware of your current situation with the agency you’re working on. If you want a healthy relationship with them then it’s up to you to be as honest as you can. From our experience, we can tell that the more one agency understands you and your will to move forward on your career the more they will help you reach your goals.

All in all, you’re allowed to sign up with different agencies or agents at the same time as long as your contract allows you to. The only downside of this it’s your travel expenses or hard work. More contracts mean more work and if you’re happy with where you are right now we suggest you lay down and keep it that way.

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