Construction of new roofs

We all need a roof over our heads, human beings need to be sheltered, unlike animals we cannot be outdoors and exposed to the elements, for centuries we have sought to protect ourselves from the action of nature, rain, wind, sun, temperature fluctuation, seasonal changes, everything affects us, so our homes went from caves to modern structures that give us the welfare we need to develop in more complex and modern societies.

A roof is a today more than just the cover of our home, the roof today becomes part of the design that identifies us within the modern social structure, allows us to define a style and personality, gives us quality of life and can go further when we talk about roofs that generate energy, so today when we talk about roofs we cover many important issues for the development of today’s society.

My house, my roof

Building a building, either by your own work or if you hire an architectural or engineering firm, is an undertaking that requires enormous efforts, the structure cannot be separated or thought without determining what kind of roof it will have, so the details of walls and floors are as important as the type of roof and roofing materials to be used. The design of your house, office, commercial premises, must harmonize with its roof, the form, the functionality, and all its components must be the completion of the whole so that everything agrees and provides the satisfaction you want.

The roof as well as the rest of the construction will depend on the place where you want to build your house if you are surrounded by vegetation or you are in an urban place, it is important that the roof you choose is according to the environment where the construction is located, in In the same way the materials used must be ideal for your type of roof, otherwise it can be affected by flaws, filtration, and real inconveniences that will make you lose more than time, your money.

Different types of roofs

Flat roofs

Flat roof buildings are not very common, made of concrete or concrete, reinforced or lightweight, despite being an excellent choice for any construction, as it offers the opportunity to modify and build vertically in the future and also allows you to use the roofs as balcony areas, recreation and free areas for the family. These roofs are ideal for homes and buildings located in warm climates, where rainfall and storms are scarce, although these roofs are finished with waterproofing finishes and heat and humidity insulating mantles, they are also made with inclinations between 5 and 15 degrees to offer a fall outlet to the scarce rainfall that may occur in these environments. They also have drainage systems that allow them to clear their surface in case of rainfall.

The best thing about these roofs? The rooftop is a versatile area that can allow you to add extra space to your building and enjoy the warm days and cool nights of your upper terrace.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are usually expensive, this highly durable material is a little high in price in some countries, the option is excellent despite its value, because it can be used in many ways in terms of design, allows the builder, engineer, architect, or the owner of the property to make their creativity a reality because it can take many forms, support polite and modifications almost any way, the best? Its installation is very fast and generally simple, everything will depend on how complicated the design or the particular tastes of the owner may be.

Its maintenance is also an advantage, it does not need a treatment with short periods, since it remains intact for years and if it needs some treatment it would be a minor expense, such as anti-corrosive paint or adjustment in the grips.

Tile roofs

Tile roofs are the most used in the world, the tiles are not only beautiful but also give a homey and warm aspect of this material, it is extremely economical because its traditional components come from the ground and do not pose a risk of contamination either for its production or for its use. Currently, there are many variations in terms of its elaboration, even creating synthetic models of high resistance because one of the disadvantages of clay is that it is highly fragile. The tiles resist the different climates, provide heat in the winter and protect from the sun in the summer.

It requires to be installed by experts who take good care of the joints and perform the waterproofing process properly, although its installation cost is low, maintenance must be constant and can generate expenses if not done periodically, in an average of approximately twenty years will have to make the total change of the tiles or the replacement of the damaged ones to avoid leaks inside the building.

Currently, there are tile factories created to withstand shocks, this is ideal in case of hail or accidental blows. You can choose between options such as asphalt, clay, concrete, synthetic and other tiles that will allow you to successfully complete your project.

Natural or green roofs

It is the current trend. A green roof over your environment. They are structures created so that nature is present in your spaces. Today it is widely used in cities, offices, shopping malls, residential buildings, everyone wants to have a green roof. It is understandable because, in cities, especially the most cosmopolitan ones, it is very difficult for many to enjoy nature because time is short for their activities and it is difficult for them to move to natural sites such as forests or parks, there is nothing more practical than going up to the roof and find a natural oasis that connects us with the vegetation.

However, these constructions need to be made in a way that allows the drainage of the air conditioning of the plants without causing internal leaks. Excellent use of waterproofing and joint sealing techniques is essential. Therefore, their revision and maintenance must be constant.

Solar roofs

The energy-generating roofs are becoming more and more popular in today’s world, a large majority supports this innovation that not only protects your home from the weather, it can be the source of energy that sustains the entire operation of the same. There are several options that will allow you to enjoy its advantages and at the same time have a modern, functional and sustainable design, among them the solar panels, ideal for sunny roofs, cover large areas of the roof, and can generate for each panel of approximately 2 x 1 mts between 300 and 445 W of energy, which would make your home self-sustainable, you would have energy free of pollutants, from your own roof giving quality of life to your family, business premises, or property. Solar tiles are also widely used, they fulfill the same function as the panels, but on a smaller scale, its size allows you to apply it in small spaces in the area you determine on your roof. Its price is also a more economical option.

Materials for each design

Nowadays and with the advancement of technologies in almost all areas of human development it is not surprising that modern roof designs and structures surprise us with truly revolutionary materials, carrying out a project becomes possible even in a way that only 10 years ago was unthinkable, the speed with which new alternatives are created allows experts to create new constructions using traditional and simple materials that take the way of building to the next level.



 Aero gel

It is a material of futuristic appearance, it seems science fiction, a material based on a gel, its creators replaced the state or the liquid part of the gel with gas, consequently, they obtain a material of the translucent crystalline appearance that has the characteristic of being very resistant but malleable, being able to be used in many ways and design applications in construction. Particularly light, this Aerogel offers alternative uses for roofs of buildings that require exceeding the expectations of any builder with material out of series.

Synthetic wood

For centuries we have used wood to build our homes, especially in the manufacture of roofs. And although the earth produces this material constantly, environmentalists do not hesitate in their struggle to stop the indiscriminate felling of trees, so science comes to this call by providing an extremely interesting option that helps the wood is not the natural one, but looks like it and fulfills the same function and even improved.

Synthetic and translucent wood is a work of engineering created based on organic and vegetable compounds, the achievement of the transparency of the material is the most innovative of its appearance as it can compete with materials as used as glass and metal, providing better and greater fields of use in construction.

Bio concrete

It is an additive, an organic compound based on bacteria and calcium lactate, when introduced in the cracks of the roofs and under the action of water, these bacteria react chemically and produce solid limestone, which seals the cracks and puts an end to leaks in concrete and concrete roofs. This is yet another example of how applied science can solve problems that used to take a lot of effort. For now, this material is a bit expensive by its nature, but it won’t be long before it can be produced on a large scale and at affordable prices.

Ecological roofs

It is the green wave, the advantages are numerous and every day more fans join this way of roofing, not only for style or fashion, but for a true conviction to change the way of living for man, the more progress, the greater the fight against environmental pollution, this type of roof not only purifies the air but serves as a filter for bacteria that proliferate in cities. The ecological or green roofs are noise suppressors, control the temperature of the environments producing a pleasant internal climate, provide spaces for the relaxation of the family and users, you can enjoy the natural benefits of their own harvest of fruits or flowers, but you must take into account that there are also disadvantages although few but no less important, the structure where these roofs are placed must be prepared to withstand the considerable weight it represents.

Swimming pool ceilings

An avant-garde trend that has been perfected over time, since it is not an idea of today, but the designs, materials, and formulas of construction has been modified adapting to the present time and offering innovation and new ideas. Although they are a company of care, the roofs of swimming pools are practically a luxury that many would like to have, the spectacular view from the top and the immersion in the water in the tranquility of your house or building and with an exclusive view of the landscape is for those who can afford it. These constructions imply the valuation of the structure from its bases since the weight of the mass of water and the materials that are generally made of concrete must be calculated because this material is the one that can support a great amount of weight for a long time, it must also be considered that everything must be properly waterproofed to avoid possible leaks that endanger the integrity of the structure, the filtrations are the disadvantage of this type of roof.

Currently, they are built-in lighter materials such as stainless steel, tempered glass, and new generation synthetic alloys, the results are magnificent and you can enjoy your pool in the highest place according to your requirements.

The roof of the future is built today

Choosing the roof for your new construction or to replace your old roof is something that you should not take lightly, check your options, physical space, geographic location, and economic resources, there is a type of roof for each case and following the indications of the experts you will save a lot in costs if you choose the ideal roof for your case without spending more. Enjoy the environment you want for you and your family thanks to technology.

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