Cosmetic Surgery Behind Instagram Models

Lately, we’ve been seeing so many Instagram models on the run. They look perfect, and they live a life everyone wants. Thus were they born so stunning, or is this work of some surgical doctor? Most likely, the second alternative will hit you more. Many new aspiring models tend to fix everything they don’t like on their face or body so they can have a perfect look for their eyes. But will they still be the same girl you used to know? Yes, indeed, they change, and almost every model looks the same right now. Skinny, perfect body, tall, and so on. But what are the significant surgeries young girls take to reach perfection?

Getting Lips like Kylie Jenner

We have all seen Kylie Jenner’s drastic transformation over the years at some point. If you want to have lips like hers, then injections with hyaluronic acid are waiting for your call. However, it doesn’t come cheap. Getting your lips done costs around $1,500; however, the result is simply mind-blowing. Yet, we have to mention that if you want to get the perfect lips, you will undergo many procedures. Make sure your doctor is well experienced in this sort of job to avoid any possible dislike in the end.

Getting Eyes like Bella Hadid

Deciding to be an Instagram model, it’s expensive, especially when you want to change many features in your face. Getting your eyes done to make them look more cat-like it goes around $3,000. The procedure itself it’s called blepharoplasty, and it’s painless. You can also use botox to get your eyebrows fixed.

Getting a nose like Angelina Jolie

Goes without saying that not everyone is happy with the size or shape of their nose. For many girls, in particular, rhinoplasty has been one of the best solutions to fix this. The price for the nose job, however, depends a lot on what the model requires or the initial nose doctor has to work with. But it goes without saying that if you want the perfect nose, you are not happy with just a simple touch. Any significant change on your nose will cost you up to $ 2,000 more or less. If you don’t like your current nose and have the money, you know what to do now. Get in touch with a surgeon so you can have that perfect Instagram model nose.

Getting Cheeks like Kim Kardashian

If you’re going for that Instagram model look, then getting your cheeks like Kim Kardashian, it’s the go-to. Like every other surgical touch, that cost, and they are more expensive than the operations mentioned above. It will cost you more or less around $3,500; however, once that is done, you will have a near-perfect face. Your Instagram pictures will blow everyone away. With a good doctor, nobody but the people you know can tell the difference.

Lastly getting a perfect chin and teeth.

To make everything look perfect with your new facial features, you are going to need a new chin. Chin implants cost around $3,200 or even more depending on the one surgeons have to work. And last but not least, your teeth! You want a perfect smile, but that doesn’t come cheap at all. The entire procedure costs around $2,000 or more depending on your mouth.

To be an Instagram model, it’s hard, especially when you want to change many features in your face. The all-in price goes up to $15,000 and that is a significant number. We never said being perfect it’s easy, and this proves it. However if not a model, you can become an influencer or blogger. They cost less and you make more fun than modeling. Who wouldn’t love to travel all around the world and show it to other people while still making profit out of it. The choices to become well known around the world are unlimited. It’s up to you to choose one and work hard to accomplish your dream. As we say, “hard work pays off,” so we are sure if you do your best every day, many people will learn your name eventually. You can be the next big thing on Instagram inspiring your girls to become models, giving them new outfit ideas or general make up ideas.

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