How to Be a Fashion Model in Paris

One of the biggest perks of being a model is working in some of the most beautiful cities in the world. One of these cities is Paris. Paris itself has major modeling events happening throughout the year. It’s a dream for all young girls who aspire to become models. As you may already know some of the most iconic fashion agencies such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, and many other fashion houses have models in Paris. This is the final destination for every mainstream model. If you could perform in fashion runways or participate in fashion weeks means you now have made a name for yourself in the modeling industry.

Requirements for Fashion Models

Stats are quite strict when it comes to being a fashion model, especially in Paris. You need to be around 6’ tall, have a petite bust, and clothing size of 38-40. As you know fashion designers only use one size for their one-and-only designs. It’s crucial for a model to be able to wear clothes each season. You probably noticed that all models have nearly the same size. That’s because it would be literally impossible for fashion designers to design their samples to fit a different type of model. That’s why one for all models work the best in this industry.

Age Requirements For Fashion Models

If you’re French then you would know that the legal age for any sort of job in France is 16. However, things tend to change when it comes to modeling. Many fashion houses tend to take girls above 18 years old. When it comes to other categories of models such as junior and junior plus, modeling agencies need to ask for a special license that allows them to keep working normally.

Stylish And Sophisticated Models

Being a model in Paris means you have the right experience needed from working abroad in that country. Modeling in Paris is not a place for young girls who aspire to become models one day. Models in Paris have gained plenty of experience from working in Asian or American Markets before applying to the luxurious and sophisticated market of Paris. To keep it short every other market in the world is less strict than Paris. You should try setting your foot in Modeling agencies in Milano, Tokyo, Singapore or Australia to get the experience, style, and sophistication needed to become a model in Paris. Those strict rules are because Paris Modeling houses have the most luxurious clients from all around the world.

Being Employed As a Model in Paris

If you’re from America or worked there you know the way business happens there. You’re only paid according to your contracts and other facts. However, Paris, on the other hand, is different because once you start working with a modeling agency you will get a monthly wage either way. Whether your clients pay or not it’s not something that should be of your concern. However, don’t you think you can make money easily there? France has lots of taxes. Let’s say you earn $500 on a job you will only receive $150. The rest of them are kept as text towards health insurance, pensions, or unemployment. This is the main factor why young models should not look at Paris as their destination to learn or get experience or build their style. Most mainstream models work on Paris just for fashion weeks and once that is over they instantly leave for other less expensive markets around the globe.

Signing to an Agency

If you’re already experienced, stylish, sophisticated, and have what it takes then you’re probably ready to sign a contract for a fashion house in Paris. However, we would advise you to have a really good career plan, agent and manager because you will soon see how useful they’re going to be. All in all, Paris is a great destination for models. Reaching Paris as a model means you’re now a mainstream model and your name is seen in many fashion magazines and advertisements. The hard work you put behind your career it’s already paying off and we are sure that everything will easier for you from now on.

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