How to Become a Glamour Model

You often see these amazing swimsuit calendars or highly attractive girls in advertisements, etc. What they have in common is their beauty. They are so beautiful that no matter what commercial is given you can’t take your eyes off them. If you’re wondering what sort of job that is let me tell you. Those girls are called glamour models and it’s a wonderful modeling category.

What Are Glamour Models?

Different from normal models, glamour models are women who are more appealing than others. They aren’t afraid to show their body and their sensuality. This type of modeling is mostly geared to attract a male audience rather than the female one. If you still don’t know what glamour models are then we suggest you take a look at magazines like Sports Illustrated, Playboy, and others. They will give you a general idea of what’s a glamour model and what it should be doing.

Do You Have to Look a Certain Way?

While the requirements are less strict than the ones needed for fashion models or runway models you still have lots of requirements you need to fulfill before you consider applying to be a Glamour Model. First of all, you need to be at least 18 in most countries of the word, with curves where it matters, healthy skin, and an attractive face. Glamour model agencies focus more on their beauty rather than their ability to sell a product. For example, Sport illustrated models should make their reader lust for her while she’s wearing their swimsuit. It’s like a big circle where the main point it’s you.

How To Become A Glamour Model?

To become a glamour model you need to accept your body and be comfortable with showing the most of it. Acting lessons are required so you can fake your level of confidence, look good on camera, and attract the reader to make him create any sort of wild fantasies about you. Goes without saying that even though you’re not in runway modeling or fashion modeling categories you still need to be professional, punctual, motivated, and able to give feedback or ideas.

What Sort Of Contracts Can You Get?

To be a Glamour model means that your photos are always going to be used for commercial purposes. Things such as calendars, magazines, swimsuits, and lingerie are always going to be your main target. It’s up to your personal likings over what you should choose and what not. We suggest you hire a manager that wants the best for your career. They can give you expert advice as well as suggest whether you should accept or not a contract based on the points they see written.

Do You Need A Modeling Agency?

Whether or not you need a modeling agency it’s based on many factors. If you’re a mainstream model then you probably don’t because many companies will reach out to you. However, if your a young girl in the industry then the right choice would be to sign up in one. They can help you get more contracts eventually giving you the much-wanted exposure. Most of the companies reach out to glamor modeling agencies whenever they need a girl for their next big project. You will have a monthly salary and bonuses depending on your success. Always speak with your manager or agent whenever you want to make a big step in your career. Signing your first client contract or your first modeling agency contract could either take you to the top or bring you to the bottom. It’s up to your personal judgment whether or not to agree with the terms mentioned in your contract.

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