What do insurance companies look at when evaluating your damaged car?

When your vehicle is affected by an accident, your insurance company activates the review protocols. The first thing you should know or be informed about is how the insurance company evaluates your car since this will determine whether you continue your relationship with them or not. We recommend you take into account the following items that will give you an idea about this:

1.- The first thing the appraiser will do is to determine if the vehicle qualifies as a total loss.

2.- The companies will normally consider classifying your vehicle as a total loss even if it can be repaired.

3.- The insurance companies will make a comparison between the percentage of the repair cost and the replacement cost, if the difference exceeds 85% of the value of the car, then they will proceed to declare it as a total loss.

4.- In the insurance companies a value is applied to the car which will be the value it had just before the accident, this value is assigned to it and will be the guide to calculate the indemnity.

5.- For the insurance companies, it does not matter the magnitude of the damages that your vehicle may have suffered, since these damages do not determine the value of the vehicle.

Normally the insurance company hires an expert who, in case of a claim, evaluates the damage and determines if it is necessary to repair or send it to a workshop which, of course, is of their confidence, they proceed to repair in case it is necessary and deliver the vehicle in perfect conditions.

The transparency of your insurance company will demonstrate in case of a situation with your vehicle if it is worthwhile to continue using their services, they must provide you with all the information you need to know in case of an accident, how you should proceed and your expert must be an objective professional when evaluating the damages to yourself and third parties, the adjusters are the link that unites the client with the company and they must participate in a clear and precise way all the conditions that imply your policy.

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